Rolling Stones, Santana, and Moulin Rouge: Tessa and Scott’s 2018 Olympic programs

Tessa and Scott are bringing it on this season. They are pulling all their best stops to win the Olympics. But I’m afraid it wouldn’t be enough. They were unbeatable last season. The whole Ice Dance community was schooled to what excellence looks like when they came back. I never thought they could improve any further, but their two programs last year showed them faster on the ice, their movements sharper, and their expression more intense (if that’s even possible). Their Prince’s blues and hip-hop short dance had them winning within ten seconds of the routine. In Sam Smith’s Latch they were quicker on their feet as well as in changing directions and holding positions. It was Umbrella’s of Cherbough and Mahler combined but more intricate and with more depth.

Latin has always been one of their strongest short dances. And it’s working to their advantage this Olympic season. No other team, past or present, can translate the hips, rhythm, and palpable connection from hardwood floor to ice. And this year they’re doing it with Sympathy for the Devil and Hotel California in the background. That’s why I don’t understand why the French team are mere millimetres away from their score. Papadakis and Cizeron are too awkward flailing their arms while pulling and pushing each other. And then there’s the long dance, Tessa and Scott are bringing back some Carmen feels in their Moulin Rouge routine. It doesn’t look rehashed, it looked intense and emotional with specific beginning, middle, and end. Nobody can tell a story like they do (the closest were Michelle Kwan and Yuna Kim in ladies singles). Meanwhile, the French team are rehashing the routine they’ve been performing for the past four years, and they are winning.

My sister is wise to detach herself from the competition so as not to be disappointed when they lose the gold. They are now twenty-eight and thirty years old respectively, it’ll be their last competitive season. I don’t think they’re coming back after this. Shame they’re getting their second silver when this time they deserve gold. They were much better now than in 2010 when they won gold in the Vancouver Olympics. If they lose then I will finally admit to myself that Figure Skating is a joke of a sport.



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